Monday, 21 May 2018

Call Put Option Data study

Call Put Data Study

In terms of open interest (OI), the 11,000 Call option has seen the most call writing so far and followed by 10800 and 10900 with highest open interest. Call writing was seen at the strike price of 10,800, which added 7.5 lakh contracts; followed by 10,700 which added 6 lakh contracts.Call unwinding seen at 10000 level

Maximum open interest in put options was seen at a strike price of 10,200 following by 10400 and 10300 by holding 10.4 and 10.3 lakh contracts in OI.
Maximum Put writing seen at 10400 followed by 10100 and 10300 which added 4.5, 2.08 and 1.2 %  open interest respectively. 

As observed, Emmkay_ra

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