Monday, 23 April 2018

Market has closed on green with short covering

Market has closed on green with short covering where as DAX  and DOW future were trading in Negative.
As mentioned in the morning, Market will be hovering around without any consenses prior Expiry with monitoring high crude and yield along with development on Karnataka Election and Mansoon Update.
Q4 Earning Announcement week, where more than 120 companies are going to come out with earning reports.
Which all will make market more Volatile at upper level.
Action would be more in action on Madcap and Small Cap rather than on Indexes.
At Higher level Nifty would be continue to face Resistance at 10600 and 10650 for the week.
and strong support at 10520 and 10480!
Breaking of any side will break this narrow range for further extension.

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